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I like older men. My preference for lovers is mid-35s to mid-50s, though it’s not a dealbreaker if they’re younger. The last two lovers I’ve had have both been 36.

That said, penetrative sex is really important to me - without it, my sex life feels empty - and older men are more likely to suffer from ED than younger ones, so it’s a trade-off. Still, that just means I have to choose lovers who take their sexual health seriously and seek help for any problems when and as they occur.
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yes its good they are more mature,
It is well known that women date more mature guys because they are more mature than younger guys usually are. Younger guys usually want to try loads of different things and are not ready to settle down. Guys of greater age are much more likely to commit to a serious and mature relationship.

More mature guys often appear to be more reliable to women, especially those of the age that are looking to start a family.

They know more about life
More mature guys are usually more knowledgeable about life. This is attractive to women despite the age gap. They have more life experiences and have learnt more lessons, and this shows in their more intelligent conversations. The issue of the age gap is usually overcome by their intelligence and knowledge of life.

Older men are usually more confident than their younger counterparts. They usually lack the insecurities and doubts that younger men possess. They are usually full of confidence and charisma, making them great company. Women like that these older men are mature, confident and happy in themselves.

Older men are generally more likely to possess wealth and property. This is one of the most appealing aspects of much older men. They are usually financially stable and willing to share this prosperity with their partner.
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when it comes to sex i feel safe with old guyz cause they will never blackmail and they never share the relationship to anyone, so i feels safe
when it comes to comfort i feel awesome cause a 30 to 40 years man have enough patient to wet an women perfectly and they will care every inch of my body, i had sex with some of my elder cousin and they really care me on foreplay with very smart way.
i also tired with one of young boyfriend and he can't calm when he seen my ass and finish his task in only 5 minutes, and i feel very weird with that young boys he even don't agree to lick my ass .

so i am always going with old and will never select young boys anymore.
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