foreplay on first dating?

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Foreplay means different things to different people, foreplay feels good, but it goes deeper than that. Engaging in foreplay helps build emotional intimacy that can make you and your partner feel more connected in and out of the bedroom.

Not in a relationship? Not a problem! Foreplay also lowers inhibitions, which can make sex hotter between couples and virtual strangers alike.
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start out with light kissing then trail it to her neck, that’s a lot of women glory spot. Trail back up to her lips and you could go down to her chest area and began taking off/undoing her shirt. Don’t be so eager to rip off her clothes and penetrate for foreplay take your time kiss all over her body for a couple minutes. But make sure the foreplay is not too quick and she won’t ready(wet) for you yet but also not too long where she grows weary and frustrated. After you’ve teased her upper body go down lower and tease just around her genitalia then kiss the inside of her thighs. just make sure you’re paying attention to how she’s responding then you’ll see when she’s ready.
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Another hallmark of those . early hookups is that they don't necessarily happen in the bedroom. If you want to make things more spontaneous, try initiating foreplay in the kitchen, office, garage, or anywhere else where you don't typically do it.
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Make foreplay an all-day event.
Foreplay doesn't need to be limited to the bedroom. Whether it's sexy texts throughout the day or stolen kisses while you're doing errands, foreplay can start well before the main event. Tease each other throughout the entire day for extra heat.
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