Withdraw money with Virtual Credit Card

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I play casino and earn money from gambling. How to withdraw money with Virtual Credit Card
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Your best option ask them , if they will book your payment as an in-person purchase.
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You can withdraw cash from ATM machines that are enabled.
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You can withdraw money at any ATM that has the contactless symbol. Open your Google Pay Wallet. Click on your card you wish to use. Tap your phone against the contactless symbol and enter your PIN.
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A virtual card is a payment card that only exists in a virtual form. You can use it to make purchases online and in-app, and you can pay in-store with mobile payment services like Google Pay and Apple Pay, too. The only thing you can't do with it is withdraw cash.
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You ask them for the best alternative route. and you can withdraw money online, ATM, debit card etc. These vcc mediums work very well for raising money without full expense.
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