Why Dropship on eBay? Why Does It Work?

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There are a few good reasons why eBay is the preferred choice for dropshippers worldwide.

maybe for Free Traffic right?
Jonny Bairstow
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Drop shipping, where you fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier, is allowed on eBay. It's working good .
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I have no idea. You can join live chat and asked them . They will help you.
David Silva
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What's more, dropshipping on eBay has opened the door to this huge audience without the need for upfront capital. Requiring far less financial input than a regular store, eBay dropshipping could provide an excellent gateway to online retail for sellers just starting out or looking to test the water.
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I think eBay is not good for dropshipping. eBay dropshipping is a shipping and fulfillment model where the eBay seller never actually owns or physically handles inventory, but instead has products shipped directly from the manufacturer to customers once an order has been placed. Inventory is produced, stored, and shipped by the supplier or manufacturer.
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