How do you manage your 1000 websites?

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Hello all. So I have 1 site set up for adsense and thinking to make 4 more. I additionally need to get into the subsidiary game. I know a few people who have as much as 300 sites. My inquiries is basic yet I don't have the foggiest idea how to do. How would you deal with your 300 distinctive client names and passwords? I was contemplating utilizing exceed expectations, however every time you login to every site, you need to open up exceed expectations and quest for login and secret key for that site. This obviously can get dull. You would need to be a dolt to utilize the equivalent login and secret word for all sites, clickbank, google adwords/adsense, ebay, ioffer, ebid, and so forth.
I right now just have 1 site, ebid, ioffer, google adwords/adsense, ebay, paypal, also different gatherings, for example, this one. However I don't recall a portion of my spends some of the time. What's more, I plan on beginning 1 blog, site every month. I'm apprehensive I'll be wrecked. Any recommendations?
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7 ways you can effectively manage your 1000 wesites:

1.Keep Lines of Communication Open.
2.Take Advantage of Technology.
3.Keep Decision-Making Inclusive.
4.Assign On-Site Leadership Roles.
5.Establish Company Best Practices.
6.Do Inter-Facility Team Building.
7.Recognize that Each Facility is Different.
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6 Tools to Manage Multiple Sites from Single Dashboard:

1. MainWP.
2. InfiniteWP.
3. iControlWP.
4. CMS Commander.
5. WP Remote.
6. Best Call-to-Action Plugins For WordPress.
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